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Online Gas Orders and Deliveries | 0860-000-GAS


Gas delivered when you need it wherever you are in Gauteng.

MzansiGas The new simple, fast, secure on-line gas delivery service with Afriglam. Orders in the cloud deliveries in Gauteng

MzansiGas Gas Order and Deliveries

The Gas Company

MzansiGas is the online extension of The GAS Company.

Same awesome service, same knowledgeable peeps behind it, just now using modern technology to make life a little more convenient, the way it should be.

The GAS Company
The GAS Company

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And we lurve comunicating, chatting, shooting the breeze. We're a little wordy. Check us out on Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus if you wanna keep up.

If you're feeling benevolent spread the word. You'll be giving us a gift and the world will be a better place for whoever you introduce us to.

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MzansiGas Online Gas Orders and Deliveries anywhere in Gauteng.

Join the revolution for a life more comfortable.

gas bottle sizes

All the Options

Whatever size bottle you're needing, we've got you covered. Knee high 9KG, waist high 19KG and shoulder height 48KGs too!

new gas bottle users

Virgin Support

First time gas users; we've got bottles for you, we've got gas for you, we've got amazing service for you! welcome to our happy world

bottle replacements


If you're already an existing gas user [respect!] and just need a top up, we'll take your existing cylinder and replace it with a shiny (full) new one.

gas convenience anythere in gauteng, pretoria, johannesburg, centurion


Still loading dirty gas bottles into the boot of your car? Why? Let use bring it to you, our guys'll even connect the bottles up for you if you need.

delivery logistics


We've got a fleet of vehicles on the road five days a week, paid orders are despatched the next day. Urget? no worries, we've got your back there too.

friendly service


Staying in a complex? Need help carrying your bottles up the stairs or disconnecting a tight fitting? Let our guys do it, your convenience is our gift.

Friendly support

We're Friendly

Anything you don't know? Something additional you need? Wanting more information or something bothering you? we're here to help.

The GAS Company

The GAS Company

MzansiGas is an extension of The GAS Company in the cloud, but we do actually exist, call us on 0860-000-GAS if you don't believe me.

What a great service, I'll definitely use you again in the future.

- Lucinda Smith, via email

Thanks, you have the most brilliant website!

- Santi Tucker, via email

Excellent website

- Madie Dittrich, via email
The GAS Company

9 KG

I am about
knee height
and I weigh about
20 Kg's when I'm full

R 181.29

The GAS Company

19 KG

I am about
Waist height
and I weigh about
40 Kg's when I'm full

R 382.73

The GAS Company

48 KG

I am about
shoulder height
and I weigh about
90 Kg's when I'm full

R 966.90